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Town Council’s Warm Rooms Grants

Town Council's Warm Rooms Grants

Shrewsbury Town Council has allocated funds towards helping local organisations provide facilities for residents to help combat the cost-of-living crisis.

The Council is keen to support the Warm Rooms Initiative and has set aside ring-fenced funding to assist organisations providing community spaces to give those struggling to afford to heat their homes a place to visit to keep warm.

Councillor Alan Mosley, Leader of Shrewsbury Town Council, said: “We are aware of the difficulties some of our more vulnerable residents will experience with the increases in the cost of living, not only for heating, but also for food and inflationary pressures.

“We have set aside a sum of £5,000 to help those organisations providing assistance to the local community with facilities for those members of our society who are already facing unprecedented pressures on their finances.

“I would urge any community organisation to apply for our grants programme to help them overcome the rising costs we are all experiencing at the moment and help to provide our residents with a warm and welcoming environment this winter.

“These funds are in addition to the £20,000 set aside for distribution as part of the Town Council’s annual grant and local Member grant programmes.”

Councillors agreed that a fund should be established to provide financial assistance to those local groups who provide a safe, warm environment for those who cannot afford to have their heating on.

Councillor Chris Lemon, who raised the motion at a meeting of Full Council in September, added: “Now that the weather is turning colder, our residents, especially those on low incomes, will be facing difficult choices to keep their homes warm.

“I welcome this initiative to provide additional financial resources to those organisations providing these much-needed facilities in the town, as they will also be facing additional costs with the rise in energy prices.”

Applications must be received by the closing deadline of 1pm on Wednesday, November 30.

Full details and an application form for the Warm Rooms Grants can be found on the Town Council’s website at:


Published: 25 November 2022