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Our Service Standards

The Quarry is the main recreational park in Shrewsbury, created in 1719 and encompassing 29 acres.  One of its most famous features is the picturesque Dingle flower garden which has seasonal floral displays all year round.  The River Severn runs through the parkland and other facilities of The Quarry includes a children's park, a bandstand, a swimming pool and a splash park (open during the Summer period).

The Quarry is used for various events throughout the year, including the well known annual Shrewsbury Flower Show.  It has also been used as a live music venue.

The facility is open daily including most public holidays.

Locking of Facilities

The following sequence is followed when locking up facilities:

Queen Mother's Garden

  • Upper Quarry Toilets
  • Lower Quarry Toilets and Splash Park
  • Quantum Leap (Mardol Quay)
  • Hill's Lane Toilets
  • Butcher Row Toilets
  • St Chad's Churchyard
  • The Dingle

Planted Areas

  • Weeds in rose and shrub beds will be controlled by hand-weeding, mulching and chemical control.  Any litter will be removed at each visit.
  • Rose bushes will be pruned during the spring.
  • Dead flower heads and suckers will be removed from the rose bushes during the summer.
  • Roses and shrub beds will be visited monthly subject to climatic conditions.
  • Shrub beds will be hard pruned once annually during the Winter period.

Play Areas

  • Inspect for litter, cleanse, carry out maintenance.
  • Minimum inspections of once per week for litter, cleanse, health and safety and maintenance.
  • Annual independent inspection by approved body.
  • Weed control.
  • Raking of safety surface.
  • Removal of graffiti.
  • Cleansing of equipment.
  • Minor repairs and maintenance.
  • Maintenance Records.