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Tender Information & Contracts Awarded

Shrewsbury Town Council invites local businesses to tender for inclusion on our Local Framework List. Whilst we follow national guidelines on procurement, we are keen to use as many businesses within Shrewsbury and Shropshire. This will not only support businesses in these challenging times, but will also greatly contribute to the Town Council’s Climate Emergency Agenda of reducing the carbon footprint of the goods and services it produces.

The Town Council are looking to develop a Framework list of local contractors and suppliers that we can call on to commission local goods and services. Of the Town Council’s £3.5m budget last year £1.8m was spent on the procurement of local goods and services.

If you are interested in being included on the Town Council’s Local Framework please complete the application form below and e-mail to:

Live Tenders

Description Lead Officer Date

No live tenders at present.

Pending Awarding

Description Lead Officer Date
Supply of a Hedge Flail Mr S Farmer 22-03-2022 View Details
Supply of a Luton Van with Tail Lift Mr S Farmer 09-02-2022 View Details
Old Riverbed Project Mr S Farmer 01-06-2021 View Details

Awarded Tenders

Description Lead Officer Date
Town Centre Rangers Mr S Farmer 05-05-2022 View Details
Bus Shelter Refurbishment – Various Locations across Shrewsbury Mr S Farmer 08-04-2022 View Details
Supply of a 4×4 Mr S Farmer 09-03-2022 View Details
Supply of 3 Trailers Mr S Farmer 08-04-2022 View Details
Stanley Lane Solar Lighting – Supply and Install Mr S Farmer 04-03-2022 View Details
Stanley Lane Footpath Installation Mr S Farmer 04-03-2022 View Details
Refurbishment of Greenacres Play Area, Shrewsbury Mr S Farmer 24-03-2022 View Details
Canoe/Craft Hire Concession – The Quarry Park Mr S Farmer 18-02-2022 View Details
Height Restrictive Barriers – Supply & Installation Mr S Farmer 24-12-2021 View Details
Tree Works – Quarry Park Mr S Farmer 17-12-2021 View Details