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Climate Emergency

The 25th March 2019 Full Council declared a Climate Emergency with a pledge to make the Council carbon neutral by 2030.


As of 2019 our web hosting data centre provider (Equinix) achieved 100% renewable energy on their European operations.  This means that the server we host our Shrewsbury Town Council website on is powered by a mixture of certified green wind power, onsite solar PV installations and renewable Energy Credits.

Our web site provider (The Web Orchard) works from an office in the heart of Shrewsbury that has low energy credentials at its heart. The Pump House was awarded a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ Certification, which is the highest level possible and is a showcase for high quality low energy sustainable design. The buildings design includes high levels of insulation, a Biomass heating system, a heat recovery system, a large area of photovoltaic solar panels producing a peak output of (7.7kW) and a rainwater recovery system.

Development of the 2021 website was done entirely remotely and no additional journeys either by car, rail or public transport were required to deliver the project.