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Market Rights & Rival Markets

Shrewsbury Town Council has market rights, granted by Royal Charter, which means it can seek legal protection from rival markets.

This protection extends to six-and-two-third miles from any Town Council run market, including the Harlescott Sunday Market, and so extends beyond the Council’s local government boundary.

From 1 April 2013, any person or organisation wishing to operate a rival market or car boot sale within this boundary will only be permitted to do so with the Council’s prior agreement.

A licence can then be issued which will waive the Council’s right to take legal action for that event. The licence only relates to Council market rights, the organiser will still need to obtain any other consents and permissions needed, whether statutory or private.

Schools raising funds for their own purposes, or for charity, will not be charged as long as no more than six events are held per calendar year, and providing 100 per cent of the proceeds go to the nominated beneficiary.

For car boot sales, providing the venue does not exceed six events per year, there is also no charge. However, the Town Council still requires an application form be completed in all instances.

The form can be downloaded here: