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Memorials in Town Council Parks

** UPDATE –  Due to the high volume of memorial requests that the Town Council have received, all spaces that were available within the Quarry have now been occupied. We are looking for additional spaces elsewhere where a new memorial could be placed but at present we have no further spaces available**

Shrewsbury Town Council supports the needs and principles of allowing memorials benches, trees and shrubs in its town centre parks.  The Council is mindful that these facilities are enjoyed by a wide range of people and therefore the Council will ensure that the issue is managed and regulated for the mutual benefit of all through the Memorialisation policy below.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure a clear, measurable and sympathetic approach to the management of its Town Centre Parks is adopted which takes account of the needs of all users.

The policy also ensures that only memorial benches, trees and shrubs are erected which are instigated by the next of kin or executor and that benches have a common appearance, style and size which are appropriate for that location and will not cause offence to others.

The Council through this policy will endeavour to always offer the highest standard of service in undertaking its management and regulatory responsibility.

Please contact Shrewsbury Town Council for more information on availability of memorials within the town.