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Community Grants

Unfortunately due to Coronavirus the consideration of July Community Grants will be deferred to the February 2021 meeting.  If you have submitted or were intending to submit an application and this will impact your project please email immediately.

Shrewsbury Town Council awards grants to local organisations to assist them to achieve their aims and objectives.  The Council has a policy of only assisting truly local community groups, this is interpreted to mean those organisations based in the Shrewsbury Town Council area, or national bodies, with an independent branch in the same area, providing support to the residents of the Parish of Shrewsbury.

Click on the links below for further guidance and to complete your application form.

Please note that applications for the Town Council’s Grant Programme must be received by the next closing deadline in July/August 2021 (date to be confirmed) and will be considered by the Finance & General Purposes Committee (date to be confirmed). 

Local Councillor Grants

Shrewsbury Town Council has allocated £750 to each of the 17 Wards of Shrewsbury so that the local Councillor can consider and allocate funds in his/her local area.

It is a matter for the local Councillor as to the level of grant awarded and when that money is awarded.  Therefore in the first instance it would be wise to contact your local Councillor.

Coronavirus Battle Grants Fund

Shrewsbury Town Council has allocated £20,000 to help local organisations to support the local community in the battle against the coronavirus and help the residents of Shrewsbury (up to a maximum of £500 per organisation).

Click on the links below for further guidance and to complete your application form.

2020 – Community Grants Guidance Notes.doc
2020 – Community Grants Application Form.doc
2020 – Local Councillor Grant Guidelines.doc
2020 – Local Councillor Grants Application Form.doc
Coronavirus Battle Grant Guidelines.doc
Coronavirus Battle Fund.doc