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Coronavirus Information

Impact on services during the Coronavirus outbreak – please refer to the latest Public Notice listed at the bottom of this page.

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing during coronavirus (COVID-19)

A variety of information such as local immediate support and online resources for managing wellbeing during the Coronavirus pandemic, including top tips for self-isolation, a children’s 14 day coronavirus challenge and helping to manage coronavirus anxiety –


Help us make Shrewsbury safer and welcoming for everyone

From the Commonplace map help identify locations in Shrewsbury that may benefit from temporary measures to ensure people can get about safely during the Coronavirus restrictions.


Support the “Red / Green Card Lifeline” Scheme

During this Coronavirus crisis, a growing number of our neighbours are becoming isolated in their homes. Our Town Councillors have packs of cards with instructions which will show whether you are OK, or whether you need some help. The green side means you’re OK, the red side means that you need help. Please contact your local Councillor for more information

Here are three simple steps for using the red/green card:

  • If you are isolating in your home and need help, simply place the card, red side showing, in your front window where your neighbours and passers-by can see it.
  • If you are isolating in your home and you’re doing okay then put the card, green side showing, in your front window.
  • If you are able to get out and about, please look out for the red card in your neighbours front window. Either knock on their door if you are able to do so, or contact your local Councillor via

Local grants for Local Organisations

Shrewsbury Town Council has allocated £20,000 to help local organisations to support the local community in the battle against the coronavirus and help the residents of Shrewsbury (up to a maximum of £500 per organisation). Grant applications are to be completed and returned to


With rapidly changing circumstances in relation to Coronavirus, please visit the following websites for the latest information:

Public Notices

Risk Assessments