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Shrewsbury Town Council took over the management of the fisheries in 2018 and working alongside Shrewsbury Town Fisheries a number of improvements have been implemented.

Shrewsbury Town Fisheries website provides valuable advice to anglers on the different locations and the types of angling available.  It also has the ability to purchase permits online.

New signage has been installed at all the sites managed by Shrewsbury Town Fisheries, a Head Bailiff oversees a team of volunteer bailiffs who work alongside Town Council staff and community groups to help manage the sites.

The Town Council has also taken over the management of Shropshire Council Fisheries at Oxon Pool and Emstrey.  Oxon is a specialist pool which caters for specialist anglers and Emstrey is more rural and is available to regular anglers.

Improvements undertaken including tree-thinning, installation of new pegs, upgrading  of existing pegs and works to Mousecroft Pool.

Shrewsbury Town Fisheries are responsible for operating all aspects of coarse and game angling on still and running water owned by the Town Council.

There are a number of tackle shops in the town, which issue permits and are happy to advise on local conditions.

Shropshire Anglers Federation is the body responsible for about 3,000 permit holders who use waters local to Shrewsbury.

Useful Contacts:

Environment Agency

01743 272828

Midlands Region, Upper Severn Area: Environment Agency, Hafren House, Shrewsbury, SY3 8BB

Daily bulletin on river conditions - 08459 333111

Information and general enquiries - 08708 506506


Environment Agency - Fish Section

The Environment Agency are the leading public body for protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales.

Other Useful Websites (click on the blue links to go to the websites) - Fishing portal

Go Fish - Directory UK freshwater fishing locations, this link takes you to the Shropshire page

Met Office- Weather reports and related services

Anglers Mail- Local fishing news website


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Shrewsbury Town Fisheries Signs
Shrewsbury Town Fisheries - pegs
Shrewsbury Town Fisheries Tree Thinning
Shrewsbury Town Fisheries installation of pegs