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Commercial Hanging Baskets

Blooming Baskets are a Real Bargain!

Every year, the horticultural expertise which creates the floral extravaganza of the Dingle gardens, located within Shrewsbury’s Quarry, also prepares thousands of blooms for hanging baskets which help make the town’s streets and open spaces a floral masterpiece.

The dedicated workforce at Shrewsbury Town Council’s nursery at Weeping Cross, spend months each year preparing for the summer when more than a thousand hanging baskets are installed around the town.

Shrewsbury Town Council produces these for its various public buildings, but also grows large numbers for sale at competitive rates to the commercial sector.

A small fee is charged to businesses and organisations for the baskets, which also includes delivery, maintenance and disposal at the end of the season.

Baskets are usually installed from the second week of June but limited stocks may be available throughout the summer season.


Chairman of the Shrewsbury in Bloom Committee, Keith Roberts, said: “The beautiful summer hanging baskets are a great way of enhancing the town for visitors and residents and work out at an amazing price considering all the maintenance that is included.

“Baskets are installed during the first two weeks of June and are just one of the many initiatives that take place to ensure that the county town looks its best.

“Over many years Shrewsbury in Bloom has proved to be a highly successful partnership between local residents, the business community, the Town Council and various agencies and it has built on the Town of Flowers image – one of our greatest assets.

“I would like to ask everyone for their support in making the town a better place to live, visit, work and do business, and particularly to ensure when we represent Shrewsbury each year that we do so with great merit.”


Please complete our booking form below and return it to the Town Council at: Livesey House, 7 St John’s Hill, Shrewsbury SY1 1JD before Friday 24 May 2024.

Hanging Basket Order Form 2024

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