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Storm-damaged Tree Made Safe

Storm-damaged Tree Made Safe


Staff from Shrewsbury Town Council’s Countryside and Greenspace Team have worked on making a storm-damaged tree safe on one of their sites which is regularly used by members of the public.

The Council’s in-house tree team worked on a mature poplar tree in the Rea Brook Local Nature Reserve which had been damaged.

Jim Goldsmith, countryside and greenspace manager for the Council, said: “The tree sustained damage from a recent storm with a large limb having been snapped out from the top of the tree, leaving a large wound and an uneven crown.

“After we had undertaken a survey of the damage, we discovered that the nature of the wound meant there was a danger of the remaining branches falling onto a Public Right of Way. As a result, we took the decision to remove that danger.”

The work was carried out by staff using a 26m mobile elevated work platform on tracks. Mr Goldsmith added: “With the recent dry conditions, damage to the ground was minimised.

“As part of our Countryside Unit policy, the tree trunk has been left as a ‘monolith’ which will provide a habitat for wildlife in the area, including bats.”


Published: 13 February 2023