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New Signage to Welcome Visitors to Hermitage Green

New Signage to Welcome Visitors to Hermitage Green

New signage at the entrances to Hermitage Green in Belle Vue has been unveiled by pupils from Coleham Primary School today [MON].

Pupils were set the challenge of providing designs for the new signs, with elements of the six winning posters incorporated into the main sign.

Councillor Kate Halliday, Member for Belle Vue Ward, said: “The pupils at Coleham Primary School created a fantastic range of images for how they view the park, and it was a difficult decision to choose the winners.

“I am delighted that all the hard work between Shrewsbury Town Council staff and our residents has resulted in a local area that everyone can be proud of, including installations to encourage wildlife in this urban setting.”

Earlier last year, Shrewsbury Town Council’s Countryside and Greenspace team worked with local residents to make improvements for wildlife in the area. New hibernation piles and bird boxes, amongst other features, were installed in the park.

Claire Jones, headteacher of Coleham Primary School, added: “This has been a wonderful community project for our pupils to be involved with. It started last spring when School Councillors collected ideas from pupils to name the park and our Eco Council helped install the new wildlife boxes.

“Many of our children spend their leisure time at this park and the drawings showed how much this space meant to them. It’s always powerful when children can actively help make decisions to improve their local area and impact on their local community.”

The park is situated off Raby Crescent and South Hermitage and is home to a play area and open space with football posts, owned and maintained by Shrewsbury Town Council.


Published:  January 2023