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Illegal Digging at Greenfields Community Woodland

Illegal Digging at Greenfields Community Woodland

Shrewsbury Town Council’s Countryside and Greenspace Team has issued a plea to members of the public to report any damage they witness at Greenfields Community Woodland.

The Town Council has received reports that a number of males have been seen frequently digging in the woodland during the weekend.

Jim Goldsmith, countryside and greenspace manager for the Town Council, said: “We have been notified that there is an ongoing issue with illegal digging in the woodland and after having visited the location, I have seen numerous pits there. Some have been re-filled, but most have been left open.

“There is a large amount of broken glass in the area as well as damage to tree roots and herbaceous plants. We also have the issue of anti-social behaviour associated with this activity.

“Our staff will be organising a litter pick for the area, but this will be a long and laborious task due to the number of small pieces of glass strewn everywhere.

“I would like to reiterate that unauthorised digging on Town Council land is not permitted and if anyone sees such activity, please report it to the Police on 101.

“The woodland has been planted for public enjoyment and to increase bio-diversity in the area and the digging taking place is resulting in damage to tree roots and other vegetation.”


Published: 06 April 2023