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Greenfields Statement – 1 March 2023

Greenfields Statement - 1 March 2023

Although the Supreme Court’s judgement concerns an appeal against Shropshire Council, Shrewsbury Town Council is referred to in their decision.

We welcome the clarification provided on a number of matters which have been subject to legal deliberations over the last four years. This clarification would not have been possible without the strenuous efforts of the Greenfields Community Group and no doubt the judgement will have national significance.

We have accepted our error in not advertising our intention of selling the portion of recreation space at Greenfields which we had identified as surplus to our needs in 2010. Having commissioned the Redfern Report we have already apologised for that mistake and agreed to seek to return the land to public ownership. We have also adopted a much more rigorous policy to ensure that our mistake cannot occur again.

We remain committed to providing open spaces to support the health and well-being of residents as evidenced by our recent purchase of two large areas of land at Frankwell and Weir Hill and the creation of a beaver re-introduction scheme at the Old River Bed nearby to Greenfields Recreation Ground.

However, we must now take some time to more fully understand the ruling and its implications. We will also seek to meet with Shropshire Council, the developer and, of course the Greenfields Community, whilst looking at ways of engaging with the wider Shrewsbury community to ascertain their views.


Published: 01 March 2023