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Grant Awards Scheme for Local Organisations

Grant Awards Scheme for Local Organisations

Shrewsbury Town Council is inviting local organisations to apply for grant funding in the latest round of applications.

The Town Council operates a scheme which awards grants to local organisations to help them achieve their aims and objectives. The grant can be used to fund either new projects or continued services and may also be used as matched funding.

The Council has a policy of assisting local community groups and applications must be from a properly formed group, club, committee or charity, which must show that the group has charitable or community aims whilst benefitting the residents of Shrewsbury.

Organisations will also need to show that they possess a Constitution or a Set of Rules, a bank account and Public Liability Insurance.

If organisations are interested in the Town Council’s scheme and require further guidance or an application form, please visit the Town Council website at:

All applications will be considered on their individual merits and requests for grants of more than £2,000 are unlikely to be successful.

Applications must be received by the closing deadline of 1pm on Friday, January 27 and will then be considered by members of the Finance & General Purposes Committee at their meeting on Monday, February 6.

Applicants need to be aware that if their project is selected for consideration at this Committee meeting, representatives are expected to join the meeting to state their reasons why funding should be awarded and answer any questions about the project from Councillors.

In addition to the Community Grants offered by the Town Council, funds are also available to finance local projects through Local Councillor Grants. Shrewsbury Town Council has allocated £750 to each of the seventeen Wards in Shrewsbury so that each local Councillor can consider and allocate funds in his/her local area.

It is a matter for the local Councillor as to the level of grant awarded and when that money is awarded. Please get in touch with your local Councillor for more information.


Published: 06 January 2023