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Installation of Additional Solar Lamps in the Quarry

Installation of Additional Solar Lamps in the Quarry

Work is currently underway in Shrewsbury’s Quarry park to install additional solar lights along the path adjacent to the River Severn.

Twenty new lights will be installed between Porthill Suspension Bridge and Kingsland Bridge.

Stuart Farmer, projects manager for the Town Council, said: “Following the success of the initial phase of the programme in September 2020, a further twenty lights have been commissioned to light the remaining walkway through the park.

“The initial phase for the installation of the lights between Kingsland Bridge and Grey Friars Bridge received a lot of positive comments from people using the park.

“These new lights will mean that the path from Porthill Suspension Bridge to Grey Friars Bridge will benefit from the light produced from these solar lamps.”

The Town Council has worked with Zeta Specialist Lighting to create a promenading atmosphere along the stretch of riverside with a heritage look that is respectful of the history of the park and its Conservation Area status.

The solar lights have been designed to provide the necessary wattage to ensure the lights work both in the summer and the winter.

Councillor Kevin Pardy, chairman of the Town Council’s Recreation and Leisure Committee, added: “We are delighted to work with our partners once again on this project to ensure that these new installations are identical to the ones from the first phase and maintain continuity for the area.

“There was a need to provide sufficient lighting along the pathway, which has been a cause for concern being so close to the river. The lights will not only provide an additional element of safety, but they are also energy-efficient as well, which will help in the Town Council’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.”

The Town Council is working with local firms Potters Electrical Limited and RA Allmark for the electrical and installation work respectively.


Published 12 January 2022