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Town Council Restates Opposition to North-West Relief Road

Town Council Restates Opposition to North-West Relief Road

Shrewsbury Town Council has appealed to the new Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, Richard Holden, to cancel proposals for the North-West Relief Road [NWRR].

With a change in leadership and Cabinet in Westminster, Councillors felt it imperative to restate their case for the cancellation of plans for the highly controversial road.

Councillor Alan Mosley, Leader of Shrewsbury Town Council, said: “We have taken the opportunity to write to the previous Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, with our strong objections to the project. With a change of personnel in the Department for Transport, we don’t want to see our objections lost in the handover.

“There is a groundswell of public opposition to these proposals, and we need to keep fighting to be heard. Not only are the plans contrary to our Climate Change policies but Shropshire Council are unable to publish the Full Business Case for the road and there are great concerns about the massive financial burden on our residents.

“In addition, the Town Council is firmly committed to preserving and improving all of the town’s natural assets and we feel that the NWRR will cause irredeemable damage to wildlife in several Sites of Special Scientific Interest, compromise biodiversity on the west margin of the town as well as changing the local environment beyond recognition.”

Councillors have consistently voted to oppose the proposals for the new road, citing spiralling construction costs and the environmental impacts of the project. Members are also aware that local residents want to find alternative, cost-effective solutions to transport and movement within the town.

Councillor Rob Wilson, Member for Copthorne Ward, added: “Since the Local Elections in 2021, Shrewsbury Town Council has been clear in its opposition to the construction of the North-West Relief Road. It’s important that the latest Minister is aware of our reasons.

“I my opinion, Shropshire Council and the Government need to accept reality that no more public money should be wasted on this project and start investing in cheaper transport solutions that fit with their stated policies of carbon reduction.”

Shrewsbury Town Council states that the new road is an outdated, financially risky response to the transport problems faced by the town and there is a need to develop an integrated public transport and active travel solution to encourage both residents and visitors to use them instead of their cars.


Published: 23 November 2022