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Quarry Play Area and Splash Park

Quarry Play Area and Splash Park



Splash Park Opening Times are from 10.30am to 5.45pm.  (Gates will be locked by 6pm)

To activate the splash park during opening times, please press the black button.

Once the button has been pressed the water flows around the features for approximately 10 minutes before it needs to be pressed again.


In the interest of Public Decency and & Safety – please ensure all users are wearing suitable swim wear.



Please ensure the Splash Park instructions are adhered to:

DARWINS SPLASH PARK instructions of use

Splash Park Equipment

  • Spring Turtle
  • Spring Dolphin
  • Spring Bird
  • Spring Whale
  • Snake in the Grass Balance Beam
  • Large Rubber Turtle
  • Anchors Away
  • USO Ladybird
  • Tula
  • Puddle
  • Aneth Bloom
  • Gecko Sprayer
  • Snake Sprayer
  • 2 Lil Squirt Turtle Spray Heads
  • Sneaky Soaker 3
  • Papillon
  • 5 Lily Pad Sprayers
  • 3 Dexhead Jets



  • Tree House Multiplay Climber with 3m Tube Slide
  • Covert Climber with Slide Bars
  • Oyster Dish Inclusive Roundabout
  • Single Point Inclusive Basket Swing
  • 3m Bridge Crossing with Stepping Posts and Rubber Spheres (currently closed, due to vandalism)
  • 4 Bay Flat Swings
  • Rock Spinner Rotator
  • Inclusive Twin Swing
  • 4 Bay Cradle Swings
  • Climb & Slide Toddlerplay Multi Climber
  • Spring Seesaw
  • Inclusive Spring Bee
  • Spring Seal
  • Rubber Turtle
  • Rubber Frog
  • Climber for All Inclusive Multiplay Climber
  • Inclusive Roundabout with Wheelchair Access
  • Cherry Twist Spinner