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Applicant Address Proposal Shrewsbury Town Council Decision
Janette & Peter Miller

The Birches, The Copse
Shepherds Lane, Bicton Heath

To prune back away from the house by up to 2metres 1no. Ash (T1) and to manage in perpetuity woodland trees (pruning branches below 75mm only) protected by the Shropshire Council (Land at the rear of The Orchards, Shepherds Lane, Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury) TPO 2014 (Ref. SC/00210/14)

No Objection
Application Date:
Application Notes:
Whilst the Town Council raised no objection to works, we would not agree to any TPO works in Perpetuity. Members wished to be assured that in light of Government Guidance on the treatment of Ash Trees, any removal and disposal will be dealt with in accordance with such guidelines.