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Applicant Address Proposal Shrewsbury Town Council Decision
Mr Hugo Evans

Sandringham Court

Fell group of Sycamore & Ash (G3), 1no Ash (T16) & 1no Poplar (T25), trim back foliage to height of 2.5m of vegetation (H2 & H3) and trim back to previous pruning points of 1no Ash (T55) (See Report for details) within Shrewsbury Conservation Area

Application Date:
Application Notes:
Whilst the Town Council has no objections to this application per se, Members respectfully request that Shropshire Council's Tree Officer visits the site and provides expert assessment and recommendations on the large amount of tree work proposed within Shrewsbury Conservation Area. Members would wish to be assured that in light of Government Guidance on the treatment of Ash Trees, any removal and disposal will be dealt with in accordance with such guidelines.