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Radbrook Pool Countryside Site

Radbrook Pool Countryside Site

Radbrook pool covers 1.37Ha and is managed by Shrewsbury Town Council’s Countryside Team as a recreation and nature conservation area.  The pool is stocked and managed by Shrewsbury Town Council Fisheries.

This site is an active fishery, managed by Shrewsbury Town Fisheries. You can find out more about fishing the site here


There is a variety of native broadleaf species growing around the pool, and sections of bullrush growing on the north side.


Despite being a fishery the pool is good habitat for amphibians with records for frogs, toads, smooth and palmate newts.

Unfortunately the pool has been affected by releases of invasive non-native aquatic plants either by escape or introduction, as a consequence there is an abundance of parrot’s feather and lizard’s tail.  Invasive non-native aquatic plants are a major problem in water courses, they can infest ditches, ponds, and canals to form dense vegetative mats that out-compete native flora and reduce oxygen levels.  If you witness anyone releasing plants into any water course please call the Environment Agency Hotline 0800 80 70 60.

How to get there

Radbrook pool is situated in West Shrewsbury, off Bank Farm Road.


The site has a circular path around the main pool, and a few smaller paths leading to fishing pegs.  Most of the paths are dry year round but the access on either side of the woodland can become wet during winter.  There is a small wooden jetty on the south side of the pool which gives access to disabled anglers

Car parking

Car parking is available in the Co-Op car park opposite the site (time limits and conditions may apply).

Grid reference

The grid reference for the centre of the site is SJ 477 112


The Post code for the Co-Op car park is SY3 6DU