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Bowbrook Meadows

Bowbrook Meadows


Bowbrook Meadows was taken on by Shrewsbury Town Council in 2021, following the development of the nearby houses. It is 1 hectare in size and is part of the wider public open space around the new estate.


A number of native trees have been planted on the existing rough grassland, and there are some pools at the south end, which take storm water from the new roads.

How to get there

Bowbrook Meadows is accessible via Squinter Pip Way and Whitty Close, or directly off Mytton Oak Road.


There are some mown paths through the site, and it can become flooded in winter.

Car parking

The site is only accessible on foot so please be courteous to local residents if parking on the nearby roads.

Grid reference

The grid reference for the centre of the site is SJ461122.


The post code for the site is SY5 8QA.