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Zero Tolerance for Unauthorised Bonfires

People in Shrewsbury are being urged to ensure that they do not light unauthorised bonfires on public land in the town without first seeking permission.

The lighting of unauthorised bonfires on public land in Shrewsbury could result in fines, or even court action, if people do not seek prior permission.

Any group or individual planning a bonfire on public land within the town is asked to contact Shrewsbury Town Council with their request, which will be considered on the grounds of health and safety and the risk of disruption to surrounding areas.

Any unauthorised bonfire built on Town Council land will be treated as fly-tipping, which is illegal and may result in prosecution.

Mark Harris, asset maintenance and health & safety manager for Shrewsbury Town Council, said: “At this time of year, we sometimes encounter people who see the construction of these bonfires as a convenient opportunity to dump their waste. The dumping or burning of any form of rubbish has implications for our environment and can be dangerous to members of the public. Officer

“Fly-tipping is also a blight on our landscape that costs the Town Council time and money to clean up. We’ll be working closely with our Team Shrewsbury partners to monitor any unauthorised bonfires. Many people do not realise that they are essentially fly-tipping, which is a criminal offence and may incur a fine, or even court action.”

“We are not out to spoil anyone’s fun, but all we ask is that people act responsibly and, most importantly, do not put themselves, or others at risk.”

Anyone planning a bonfire within the town centre should contact the Town Council on 01743 281010.


Published 3 November 2021