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Works to Improve Access to Town Council Nature Reserves

Shrewsbury Town Council staff have been improving access to the steps at their Nature Reserves around the town.

The Town Council looks after over twenty sites in Shrewsbury, ranging from large Local Nature Reserves and Sites of Special Scientific Interest to small Community Woodlands.

Over the winter months, the Town Council’s Countryside and Greenspace Team has carried out work to repair and maintain the many sets of steps on their sites.

Matt Wilcoxon, the Countryside and Greenspace Manager, said: “Whilst much of the land on our Nature Reserves is wild, there is an emphasis on ensuring that people can access them safely and easily.

“Our work covered about ten different sets of steps across various sites and included everything from full rebuilds, to replacing handrails and refreshing stone to remove trip hazards.

“We have also installed a few more of our rustic benches, made from fallen timber on our sites with a chainsaw mill.”

The Council’s Countryside areas are managed with both people and wildlife in mind and support a huge variety of plants and animals. Traditional management methods such as grazing, haymaking and coppicing create a mosaic of different habitats across the town.

Full details of the Town Council’s Countryside sites can be found at:


Published 6 January 2022