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Town Council Invites Sealed Bids for Removal of Glasshouse and Timber Stockpile

Photo of glasshouse at the entrance to the Quarry

The glasshouse, which had until recently been in constant use, is structurally sound and sits on a brick base.

Stuart Farmer, projects manager at the Town Council, said: “Now that the Council has decided to relocate all its propagation operations to our Weeping Cross Centre, it has become obvious that we needed to remove this glasshouse.

“The ideal time for this contract to be completed will be from May to September but this is depending on the weather conditions.

“We would like to see the glass house used for many more years in its new location.”

The winning bidder will be expected to provide a timetable of removal, which will be monitored by the Town Council on a regular basis.

Sealed bids for the removal of the glasshouse must be received no later than 1pm on Friday April 23 2021.

In addPhoto of timber stockpileition, the Town Council is looking for the submission of sealed bids for the removal of a stockpile of timber from the Council’s tree works which have been completed over the winter.

The Town Council removes all timber from its tree works over the winter period and stores the wood at a location in Shrewsbury.

Stuart Farmer said: “Due to the considerable amount of wood we have at our store, we would anticipate that this bid would appeal to a consortium or a commercial venture. There is too much wood for one person with a log burner.

“The site needs to be completely cleared of timber by mid-June.”

Sealed bids for the removal of the timber must be received no later than 1pm on Friday April 16 2021.

Full details of the two offers for sealed bids can be found on the Town Council’s website