Shrewsbury Town Twinning with Zutphen

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Since the Second World War Shrewsbury has had first informal, and since 1977 formal, twinning links with Zutphen in the Netherlands.  Every year the Mayor, Town Clerk and other individuals from Shrewsbury Town Council travel to Zutphen, and vice versa, as organised by the active Twinning Committees in both towns.

The historic and picturesque town of Zutphen has a wide range of fascinating buildings, beautiful Rivers (Berkel and Ijssel) which merge in the town centre and the local people provide a warm welcome for visitors.

Shrewsbury Town Council is keen to develop twinning links which would lead to a better understanding of the two towns and assist in the development of local policies to improve the well-being of Shrewsbury.  In turn this would assist to justify the contribution the Town Council makes annually to twinning.

The Shrewsbury Zutphen Twinning Committee is a voluntary body which aims to:

Publicise and promote twinning exchanges
Put groups and individuals interested in the twinning in touch with each other
Help in any way it can to encourage twinning links.