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Applicant Address Proposal Shrewsbury Town Council Decision
Lioncourt Homes

Proposed Residential Development Land To The South Of
Thrower Road

Application for Reserved Matters (appearance, layout and scale, pursuant to planning permission. 21/02982/OUT comprising 35 dwellings, including up to 7 affordable dwellings, with access from Thrower Road, together with associated landscaping and other associated infrastructure

Application Date:
Application Notes:
Whilst the Town Council do not object to this application per se, Members feel there should be a more sustainable approach to the development and were disappointed not to see this in the application. The plans do not appear to be LTN 120 compliant and cycling routes and walkways are missed out of the designs. The proposal states up to seven affordable houses will be built but this number needs to be specific. From the outline application there was a mention of a Community Centre being included in the site but there appears to be no information about this now on the application now. Could it be confirmed if this is still in the plans for the site?