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Applicant Address Proposal Shrewsbury Town Council Decision
SY Homes (Old Coleham Ltd)

Lord Hill Hotel Abbey Foregate

Erection of 44No apartments (including 8No affordable) with associated parking, amenity areas and landscaping including demolition of rear buildings associated with the Former Lord Hill Hotel affecting a Grade II Listed Building

Application Date:
Application Notes:
The Town Council object to this application on a number of grounds: The proposed apartments appear ‘bulky’ and could be seen as possible overdevelopment with a significant impact on the street scene. The effect on the visual amenity of the Reabrook area will also be significant. There are no parking provisions for the affordable housing apartments and no mention of spaces for visitor parking. This lack of spaces will have an impact on neighbouring areas and cause traffic issues for local residents. There is also a shortfall of open space provision with no amenity space provision for families who may live there.