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Planning Committee

Planning Committee

Riggs Hall
The Library
Castle Gates

To Members of the Planning Committee

Councillors: N Green (Chairman), R Dartnall, M Davies, K Halliday, C Lemon, P Moseley, D Vasmer and B Wall

Cc All other members of the Council for information

Dear Councillor

You are hereby summoned to attend the meeting of the Town Council’s Planning Committee scheduled to take place on Tuesday 22 February 2022 at 6.00pm via Microsoft Teams in order to transact the following business.

Please note this is an informal virtual meeting of the Committee convened to assist the Town Clerk with carrying out the delegated powers granted to her by Full Council on 22 March 2021 & Finance & General Purposes Committee on 12 April 2021.

Helen Ball
Town Clerk

Meeting Agenda Items