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Annual Town Meeting

Annual Town Meeting

Riggs Hall
The Library
Castle Gates


Annual Town Meeting of the Parish of Shrewsbury

to be held The Walker Theatre, Theatre Severn

at 7.00 pm Monday 25 April 2022

To All Members of the Council


Helen Ball
Town Clerk

Meeting Agenda Items

  • 1Introduction

    Mayor shall welcome those present and give an outline of the role of the Annual Town Meeting

  • 2Minutes of the Annual Town Meeting in 2021

    To approve the Minutes of the Annual Town Meeting held on 1 June 2021


  • 3Shrewsbury Town Council

    Councillor Alan Mosley, Leader of Shrewsbury Town Council will report of the work of the Town Council over the last year

  • 4Policing in Shrewsbury

    Members of the Shrewsbury Safe Neighbourhood Team will give an update on policing matters in the Shrewsbury

  • 5Movement Strategy for Shrewsbury

    A representative from the Shrewsbury Big Town Plan shall present an update on the work in developing a Movement & Public Realm Strategy for Shrewsbury

  • 6Public Forum

    Through the Facebook site members of the public will be able to ask questions which will be put to those presenting on the night

  • 7Date of Next Meeting

    To approve the date of the next Town Meeting for Monday 24 April 2023