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Mayor of Shrewsbury Support for National Day of Reflection

The Mayor of Shrewsbury is supporting a national day to remember those who have died during the Coronavirus pandemic and to show support for everyone who has been bereaved.

The National Day of Reflection will take place tomorrow [TUES, MAR 23] which also coincides with the anniversary of the country entering the first national lockdown.

Midday will see a minutes’ silence to remember those who have lost their lives, whilst at 8pm, major buildings and landmarks across the country will be illuminated as part of a nationwide ‘beacon of remembrance’.

The Mayor said: “It is fitting that we find some way to remember those who have tragically lost their lives during the course of this pandemic and for the families who are going through the bereavement process.

“At such a poignant moment, I feel that we need to pause and reflect on the momentous changes we have seen over the course of the last twelve months.

“It would be a wonderful tribute if people could hold a minute’s silence at midday and then at 8pm, I would ask that as many people as possible take to their doorsteps once again as part of a national vigil to reflect and remember those who have died during the course of the pandemic.”

As part of the commemorative events across the country, community-led activities will take place to help people come together to reflect on the collective loss and look ahead to the challenges the whole country will face as people adapt to a new environment with the virus.