Let's Rock Shrewsbury - Saturday 14 July 2018

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For the past three years we have had to tighten up on security for all major events held in the Quarry. With more Health & Safety legislation, and the high threat level of terrorist attack on soft targets, this dictates we ensure the site is secure to reduce the risk of injury to the public during the construction and take-down phase. In addition, only authorised personnel are allowed within the area in accordance with security guidelines which are agreed with all statutory services.

Unfortunately, times have changed and we are having to comply with the security advice we are given. We endeavour to retain access around the periphery of the park including the Dingle until the day of the event. The play area, splash park and Porthill Bridge will remain open during the event itself. The statutory services feel this is an acceptable compromise. 

The other option would be to close the entire site.

We would be well within our rights, as there is no right of way through the Quarry. However, we want to reduce the impact of any restrictions as much as possible for visitors to the Quarry. 

The upper part of the Quarry and periphery will be open again on Sunday with a phased opening of the rest of the site subject to it being safe to do so. This is a process we have done for the past few years and no Health & Safety issues have occurred. Indications are the bulk of movement is between the main blue gate and Porthill. No incidents have been reported and we find visitors to the site are sensible in the way they use the area.

Just to confirm there has not been an increase in the number of large events or the duration of setting up and taking down, as we have to comply with the conditions of our premises licence and Council policy. Although the new premises licence allows more flexibility to increase the number of major events, the Council policy will remain in place to ensure the Quarry is not over used.

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