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Great Haul of Litter

Great Haul of Litter

Pupils from Shrewsbury High School joined forces at the end of last week to carry out a litter pick across the town for the fourth consecutive year.

Supplied with litter picking equipment by Shrewsbury Town Council, who also collected the rubbish afterwards, 200 pupils and teachers worked their way around the town as part of their whole school Eco Day

Jan Cook, one of the teachers organising the Eco Day at Shrewsbury High School, said: “Our young people take a great pride in their association with the town and it’s good to be able to play our part in helping to enhance our local area.

“We are immensely proud of our pupils and the way they tackled the litter pick was tremendous. The amount of rubbish they collected will make a huge difference to not only the local environment but also to our wildlife.

“And we would also like to thank Shrewsbury Town Council for providing us with the equipment and for collecting the rubbish afterwards.”

The results of the litter pick filled two of the Town Council’s bulk bins.

Rob Plimmer, operational logistics manager for the Town Council, added: “It was an amazing haul of litter and rubbish collected by the pupils of Shrewsbury High School, including two shopping trolleys and one old wheelbarrow.

“On behalf of the Town Council, I would like to thank everyone who took part in the litter pick to make our town a cleaner place. The amount of rubbish they collected filled one of our large trailers.

“Whilst we applaud the team effort of the pupils, it’s such a shame that the litter is discarded like it is. Whilst we have many people who take a pride in where they live and work, there are too many incidences of littering.”


Published: 28 June 2022