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Information & contacts

Football is our national sport, and as such facilities are provided at almost all of our leisure facilities, as well as maintaining a number of community pitches.

Most of the sports venues offer football pitches.  Some have floodlighting and / or synthetic surfaces.

The Register of English Football Facilities (REFF) provides a useful pitch finder on its website.

Useful Contacts


Contact Name Contact Number
 Meole Brace FC  Peter Richardson  01743 376871
 Meole Brace AFC  Peter Bowen  01743 719091
 Meole Brace Junior FC  Sue Spellman  01743 365021
 Meole Brace U17 FC  Sue Spellman  01743 365021
 Monkmoor Abbey Foregate  Darren Jarman  01743 270519
 Nags Head  John Cook  01743 872838
 Oteley Rovers  Maxine Humphries  07813252233
 Oxon  Colin Vaughan  01743 364249
 Peacock Corinthians  Ian Tudor  01743 351208
 Peacock United  Wayne Walton  01743 791471
 Remain AFC  Steve Harris  01743 340821
 Rock Rovers  Ciaran Hanna  01743 232642
Dun Cow  Andrew Smith  07766 196712
 SAHA Football Club  Andrew Young  01743 233077
 Seven Stars  Gareth Williams  01743 276633
 Six Bells  Glaire Green  07813082642
 Shrewsbury Juniors FC  Sharon Murch           01743 232306
 Shrewsbury Town Girls Centre of Excellence       Eve Bailey  01743 255083
 Shrewsbury United  Teresa Ellis  01743 362676
 Shrewsbury Up and Comers  Beverley Davies  01743 352468
 Sporting Colts U9  Jane Bevan  01743 341883
 Swan Tara Meakin  01743 231474
Technical Services Andrew Waters 01743 460329
Two Henrys Colin Barton

01952 275222

The list above gives contact details of those clubs that have been notified to Shrewsbury Town Council and is by no means exhaustive. Shrewsbury Town Council is not responsible for updating contact information.