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Cow Injured by Out of Control Dog at Rea Brook Local Nature Reserve

Cow Injured by Out of Control Dog at Rea Brook Local Nature Reserve

Staff from Shrewsbury Town Council’s Countryside and Greenspace Team are asking dog owners to ensure that they keep their dogs under close control when using the Council’s sites and open spaces around the town.

Earlier today [TUES], a cow was attacked and injured by an out-of-control dog at the Rea Brook Local Nature Reserve.

Jim Goldsmith, countryside ranger for the Town Council, said: “The cows have recently been brought back in to the Rea Brook Local Nature Reserve as part of our active management of the land.

“The cow has suffered injuries to her neck and ear and this attack has been reported to the farmer, who will visit the site tomorrow [WED] to ensure that his livestock is recovering from the attack.

“The cow is expected to make a full recovery.

“By law, all dogs in public spaces must be under close control and it is an offence to allow a dog to injure livestock. We would ask that people visiting the Rea Brook Local Nature Reserve be aware that the cattle have been reintroduced to the site for the summer and ensure that their dogs are kept under control.

“If anyone saw the incident earlier today, please call West Mercia Police on 101 with the details of the attack.”

The Rea Brook Valley is the largest of the Countryside sites managed by Shrewsbury Town Council’s Countryside Unit and as the most visited of the town’s sites, its status as a Local Nature Reserve is national recognition of its importance as a haven for wildlife and a place for people to enjoy.

In the summer months, cattle are often grazing in the fields close to Abbey Foregate. They are selective grazers and help to keep the grass at different heights to create a range of habitats. These rich grazed areas also help to create ideal conditions for wild flowers to grow.

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Published: 03 May 2022