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At the Annual Town Council meeting councillors are voted in to serve on a number of committees which consider Planning, Recreation and Leisure, Finance and Personnel issues. Councillors are also appointed to many different local organisations and charities to represent local interest.

The Town Council has the opportunity to comment on all Planning applications within the Shrewsbury Town area, prior to them being considered by the Shropshire Council Planning Committee where the final decisions on permissions are made. The Committee also comments on future development plans for Shrewsbury and on all major new development throughout the town.

Recreation and Leisure issues are regularly considered by the Town Council and may include, for example, the provision of new play areas, changes to allotment provision, improvements to parks and entertainment within the Quarry. The Town Council may also be consulted on proposals regarding environmental improvements in the local area and other matters of interest to the people of Shrewsbury Town. The Recreation and Leisure Committee is also responsible for overseeing the Town Council's works programme. Due to the nature of its primary responsibilities, grounds maintenance issues are of vital importance to the Town Council and the management of its parks, open spaces, recreation grounds and play areas, as well as estabishing future work plans for play area renewal and refurbishment, are vital committee responsibilities.

The Finance and General Purposes Committee is primarily responsible for agreeing and monitoring the Town Council's budget and advising on issues of financial management.

A further committee also meets to discuss Personnel issues on an ad-hoc basis to consider human resources issues, to appoint senior staff and appraise the Town Clerk.

The Planning Committee meets every 3 weeks throughout the year and other major committees meet every 6-8 weeks. All Town Councillors meet at Full Council (held every 6 weeks throughout the year) to ratify the decisions made by the Town Council's delegated committees. Members of the public are welcome to attend all Town Council meetings.

You can view agendas, minutes and reports from committee meetings here.

The Town Council considers a number of planning applications at each of its meetings. We have attached a handy guide for planning issues from Shropshire Council, which details the types of planning applications and material considerations when making comments.



Finance and General Purposes Committee

Councillor Adams                                      Councillor Moseley

Councillor Fraser                                       Councillor Mosley (Chair)

Councillor Mackenzie                                Councillor Phillips

Councillor Burgess                                    Councillor Vasmer


Recreation & Leisure Committee

Councillor Green                                       Councillor Pardy (Chair)

Councillor Burgess                                    Councillor Roberts

Councillor Jones                                        Councillor Vasmer

Councillor Mackenzie                                Councillor Wall

Councillor Halliday


Planning Committee

Councillor Dean                                         Councillor Nutting

Councillor Gillam                                      Councillor Roberts

Councillor Green (Chair)                           Councillor Halliday

Councillor  Pardy                                       Councillor Wall


Civics Committee

Councillor Jones                                        Councillor Nutting

Councillor Mackenzie                                Councillor Roberts

Councillor Burgess                                    Councillor Gillam (Chair)


Personnel Committee

Councillor Fraser                                       Councillor Nutting

Councillor Jones                                        Councillor Halliday

Councillor Mosley (Chair)


Grievance Committee

Councillor Dean                                         Councillor Pardy

Councillor Burgess                                    Councillor Vasmer

Councillor Moseley (Chair)


Youth Services Committee

Councillor Jones                                        Councillor Mosley (Chair)

Councillor Burgess                                    Councillor Pardy

Councillor Moseley                                    Councillor Vasmer


Joint Consultative Committee

Councillor Adams                                      Councillor Mosley

Councillor Fraser                                       Councillor Phillips

Councillor Moseley                                    Councillor Vasmer



PDF icon Shropshire Council - Application Types and Commenting Jan 2018.pdf225.95 KB