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Mousecroft Community Woodland

Mousecroft Community Woodland


Mousecroft Community Woodland covers 4.51Ha and is managed by Shrewsbury Town Council’s Countryside team as a recreation and nature conservation area. The large pool is stocked and managed by Shrewsbury Town Fisheries.

This site is an active fishery, managed by Shrewsbury Town Fisheries. You can find out more about fishing the site here


The main habitat is native deciduous broadleaved woodland with the majority of the tree planted during the 1990’s as part of a community planting scheme.  There are also some large sized trees in the hedgerows surrounding the site which pre-date the planting.  There is a small area of meadow in front of the pool as well as the pool itself.

The woodland was thinned during 2014-2015 to allow more light into the canopy and to encourage more ground flora and better habitat for wildlife.  Thinning is the process of removing no more than 30% of the trees.  Thinning allows the remaining trees to grow into the vacated spaces, but also introduces light onto the canopy floor allowing new tree seedlings to establish creating a more age diverse woodland.


There are numerous species records including many for invertebrates.  Other records for common shrew and wild teasel also exist.  Frogs are a common sight living in the edge of the pond and the froglets can cover the surrounding paths as they emerge in the summer.

How to get there

Mousecroft Community Woodland is located in the south west of Shrewsbury, off Nobold Lane.  It can also be accessed from Radbrook estate via a path at Steepside.


The site has a circular crushed stone path around the woodland, as well as other small paths within the trees. There is also access to the many pegs around the fishing pool.  There are two public rights of way which meet at the kissing gate to the north of the site and carries on across the fields to Radbrook estate.

Car parking

There is limited car parking available in the layby opposite the site on Nobold Lane.  Please be courteous to other users if parking here and do not block the farm gates.

Grid reference

The grid reference for the centre of the site is SJ 473109.


The post code for Nobold lane is SY5 8NP.