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Horticultural Services - Quality Standards

Grounds Maintenance

Grassed Areas

  • Grass cutting will be carried out safely and professionally.
  • Large items of litter will be litter picked prior to mowing operations.
  • Cuttings which fall onto paths will be swept or blown back onto the grassed area.
  • Where bulbs are planted into the grassed area this will be cut around until the foliage has died down.  Approximately 6-8 weeks after flowering the foliage will be cut and mulched.

Planted Areas

  • Weeds in rose and shrub beds will be controlled by hand-weeding, mulching and chemical control.  Any litter will be removed at each visit.
  • Rose bushes will be pruned during the spring. 
  • Dead flower heads and suckers will be removed from the rose bushes during the summer.
  • Roses and shrub beds will be visited monthly subject to climatic conditions.

Play Areas

  • Inspect for litter, cleanse, carry out maintenance.
  • Minimum inspections of once per week for litter, cleanse, health and safety and maintenance.
  • Annual independent inspection by approved body.
  • Weed control.
  • Raking of safety surface.
  • Removal of graffiti.
  • Cleansing of equipment.
  • Minor repairs and maintenance.
  • Maintenance Records.

Recreation Grounds, Open Spaces and Highway Verges 
Standards of Maintenance for Grass Cutting:

Prior to all grass being cut it shall be cleared of all large items of litter and other debris.  Clippings which fall onto footpaths or driveways will be blown back onto the grass area.

The types of grass that are maintained, and the number of cuts undertaken, vary according to the type of area to be cut.

There are a number of variations to these grass-cutting regimes such as sport pitches, cricket wickets and bowling greens which may have a very specific level of grass cutting and management according to the site.

The levels of service are:

Amenity Grass:  14 - 18 cuts  a year 
(e.g. general amenity areas, highway verges, open spaces)

Grass is cut on average every 16 - 21 working days during March - October.  The number of cuts may increase or decrease subject to climatic changes.  Mowing will finish once grass re-growth has slowed down sufficiently, usually in late October.

*Ornamental Grass  -  30 cuts a year, grass clippings removed(e.g. high profile sites, ornamental areas around flower beds and sponsored floral features).

Naturalised Grass  -  areas on embankments under tree canopies where access is difficult receive one cut annually between late June - December subject to climatic conditions.

Conservation Areas  -  extremely difficult accessible areas containing briars / nettles grasses and wildflowers.  One cut every 5 years.

*At locations within urban town, Longden Road Cemetery and Crematorium grounds as specified including Cloisters, seasonally planted areas, chaffinch area, memorial walks and new burial plots identified by concrete rafts at London Road.