Mayoral Booking Form

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What date is the event?
What time is the event?
When is the approximate time the function will end?
What time should the civic party should arrive?



Please give a brief description of the function.



Where is the venue? (Please give full address)
Where will the civic party be received?
Please give details of parking arrangements.
For functions which do not involve a specified meal will refreshments be provided?
What is the dress code for the function? (lounge suit/black tie, short dress/evening dress). Please state if special or protective clothing is required.
If the mayor is required to respond to a toast or make a speech please give full details including any particulars which may assist, and any specific points you might wish the mayor to make.
What is the name of the person presiding, and any other officials attending the function?





Who will be meeting the civic party?
Who is the organisation secretary / correspondence contact?
What is the mailing address of the correspondence contact?
What is the email address of the correspondence contact?
What is the telephone number of the correspondence contact?
I have read and understood the Mayoral Engagement Etiquette Notes


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