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I thought it would be opportune to make an official statement regarding the fisheries that we own and are currently under licence with the Shropshire Angling Federation under the auspices of their Shrewsbury Angling Management Committee.

On 2nd December 2017, I received the following e-mail from Keith Robson, the Secretary of the Shropshire Anglers Federation: "At an EGM held on Monday last, for varying reasons, it was agreed we would not be seeking to renew the licence when it expires on 3rd June 2018".

We have notified our Recreation & Leisure Committee who oversees the management of our Fisheries, and myself and the Outdoor Recreation & Assets Manager have been instructed to prepare Expression of Interest Documents with a view to seeking a new organisation to manage our all of fisheries from the beginning of June this year. Those papers will be approved by the Committee on 7th February and will then be published in exactly the same way that we publish any Tender document (on our website and We are also looking to potentially place advertisements in national Angling publications.

Once these documents go live, I will arrange for a follow-up message to be posted on both the Town Council's Facebook page and also the Shropshire Anglers Facebook page.

Currently all our Fisheries maps are being updated to reflect changes to our land ownership, and our Outdoor Recreation & Assets Manager is seeking a meeting with the SAF Secretary to determine the status of any fishing permits that have been issued that allow fishing beyond the expiry date of the SAF Licence.

We have had queries this morning [Fri 5 Jan] from various clubs suggesting agreements have already been made to extend the licence and it is a done deal. I can confirm that this is not the case.

Like consideration of any tender documents, we shall be equally transparent with this process.

I can confirm that we are not seeing our fisheries as a "cash cow" and we have never been greedy about any revenue. Our primary aim is to maintain vital and viable fisheries that are open and accessible to all and that any revenue is ploughed back into maintaining and improving quality facilities. For me, consideration of any Expression of Interest will be driven by what added value an organisation can bring to fishing in Shrewsbury.

I hope that clarifies the position.


Helen Ball BA (Hons) FILCM
Town Clerk
Shrewsbury Town Council
Riggs Hall
Castle Gates
The Library
Tel: 01743 257650


Shropshire Anglers Federation is the body responsible for about 3,000 permit holders who use waters local to Shrewsbury.
There are a number of tackle shops in the town, which issue permits and are happy to advise on local conditions.

Useful Contacts:

Environment Agency 

01743 272828

Midlands Region, Upper Severn Area: Environment Agency, Hafren House, Shrewsbury, SY3 8BB

Daily bulletin on river conditions - 08459 333111

Information and general enquiries - 08708 506506


Environment Agency - Fish Section

The Environment Agency are the leading public body for protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales.

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